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The paid duty services provided by the Toronto Police Service (“TPS”) are set out in the Customer Request for Paid Duties Terms of Agreement.

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  1.     You are responsible for the accurate information provided in this application.

  2.     You will be asked to provide your complete credit card information (“Card Info”), including CVV. Your Card Info is kept in digital form and securely stored using Moneris Vault provided by Moneris Solutions, Inc. (“Moneris”) a trusted provider of card transaction services.

  3.     You will receive an email notification with truncated version of the card number (i.e. last four digits) upon successful processing of payment by applicable credit card company. Therefore, it is important that you enter email address and all other information accurately.

  4.     Should there be additional charges for the paid duty services after the original payment transaction has been processed, you hereby consent and authorize TPS to process the additional charges through Moneris using the Card Info provided herein. In the same manner, refunds will be credited using the Card Info stored in Moneris.

  5.     By selecting “I agree”, you represent and warrant that you are the authorized representative of the company.